Parent Category re-open

Parent Category changes summary

  • Policy re-open in February 2020 with new requirements
  • 1000 people each year
  • Further details available in November 2019

New policy requirements

  • Sponsor income is the only means of qualifying. Settlement funds and guaranteed lifetime income removed
  • Sponsor income requirements increased and pegged to New Zealand median income
  • Sponsor must show they meet income criteria for 2 out of 3 years before the parent applies. Evidence through tax returns
  • Tier 2 removed
  • Sponsorship period aligned with New Zealand superannuation residency eligibility

上記のように2020年2月からParent Categoryが再開されます。年間1000人という少なさに加え、スポンサーの年間の収入がかなり引き上げられました。また、収入はビザ申請前の3年間を遡り、2年以上はその基準を上回る必要があります。

New financial requirements

The new financial requirements for the Parent Resident Visa can only be met through the income of the sponsor and their partner.

Here is a comparison of the previous and the new financial requirements, based on a median salary of NZD $53,040.

Expected income levels for 2020

If your sponsorship is based on your personal income, you will need to earn before tax:

  • NZD $106,080 to sponsor 1 parent
  • NZD $159,120 to sponsor 2 parents.

If you are using both you and your partner’s income, you will need to earn between you:

  • NZD $159,120 to sponsor 1 parent
  • NZD $212,160 to sponsor 2 parents.